Restaurante Allium - Cocina de huerto
Allium offers a kitchen garden, using almost entirely 100% Mexican product and based on the work of artisan producers, as well as the urban garden that is located on the roof of the restaurant.



The restaurant offers farm-to-table fare, with a simple approach: the desire to cook with the best avilable produce. We utilize Mexican products in the peak of their ripeness and freshness with little intervention, allowing the quality and natural flavors to always be the star of the plate. Whether it is cheese from Atotonilco, fish & seafood from Baja California and Nayarit, vegetables from Ajijic, honeycomb from Veracruz, mushrooms from Tapalpa, it is always the effort of small producers that we work with, who deserve the credit for shaping the cuisine of Allium and their incredible bounty, is what we we try to higlight through our cooking phliosophy: to let the product speak for itself. That is the essence and driving force behind Allium.